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10-09-2016, 01:58 PM
Anyone frequent any musical instrument forums with character like this one? I have an older (1930's era) alto sax and clarinet I'd like to sell and looking for info about them or a place to list them.

10-09-2016, 02:31 PM
Check out www.saxontheweb.net. It's got people from all around the world, and the few transactions I've made have gone smoothly. What are the horns you've got?

10-09-2016, 03:42 PM
It doesn't help you directly, but I go to the Larrivee guitar forum and its super rad for acoustic guitar chat and classifieds

10-09-2016, 07:30 PM
The sax is around a 1928 New-Wonderll/Chu-berry, I think based on preliminary online research, and the Clarinet is a Selmer (Paris) K-series from maybe 1926. I don't play either one so it would be nice to be able to turn them into instruments I would use. They are both in one case, the clarinet case nestles inside the sax case, but since I don't have time/space to learn to play them they should move along.