View Full Version : NOS Look PP357 Pedals, Red SOLD

08-25-2016, 03:44 PM
New old stock Look PP357 pedals, red, with red cleats, hardware, and instructions; no box; pedals are currently living in plastic bags, one of which is red; it could be said these pedals are Richard Sachs red, but I'm certain these are not officially endorsed by Sachs or Ferrari or fire engines; nice color, tho; these don't say carbon anywhere on them, so they are probably suitable only for a child's bike; also not stamped NJS, so please buy them and use them only as red paperweights; for everyone else they are very nice Look pedals from like 14 years ago in a great color; aren't Look replacement cleats like $20 a set these days?; if you can use these pedals complete with cleats and hardware, you know it; adjustable release tension; SOLD.

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