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08-17-2016, 08:31 AM
Been building some more wheels recently, and wanted to verify the accuracy of my Park spoke tension gauge. Cooked up a simple lever arm fixture using some scrap materials in the shop. FWIW, as shown, the mechanical advantage is 30x (15" lever arm, with 0.5" pivot to spoke offset), although there are indents for 10x and 20x too. Sporting a 4kg mass (3880ml water in a 120g jug), for a 120kg load on the 14gauge spoke.

FWIW, over a couple of different spokes, both DB and straight gauge, and 80 and 120kgf loadings, the gauge was reading 2-4% high, which I thought was rather good. Extended the tension screw 1/2 turn, and now it is spot on.

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/X5l2Y_mj_8noadlCiIB2435P5Vq4fYfN_f4MoHmIH52jWtvTDK 2TxKigiIaWEoZ6hUiD0nhgFiXzoxT9R83fJKk2fZLrNBtS2Q_e DmAlFdFMaG3RX-QCxPbkwzZXxmSM_zu7diEGaEM4E23rXW0O-GbRWWAln3LpbKGC77hmsWQzB36cYwKs3zcjtv6b1eMr5KBmzrL p_t16pUHzs_UC9w1X9wcK1m52yXe-56n9lYDcaW4AElz2ttJ_qgegek0BeEFGrsigwn0zW3P3xZrL6U Qn2F8rK7J-IDvfSK1Hg8nj8ihqJ9pkDUBni3thC6hqjxAo2g9AebdRdNDr51 wJEDNrCL4pvLwDKS5C1L0YhzmP7MwwEucrB5J-bPqKUkvcxb-rCKRuqYeZKwdQ0a9UiWer2nVky4CeT7NGCeXjDCmP-oe0Ht8q1RsZEun2-Q0T0OSrOOXTn0V0v9rkX7BC8JbmB270lbogWqmB6hzNUtFnWXz TohxyadI8peMeiTK9WZZywLct_6LLfyy5SlnUNdNnNgJZkNb61 oh2iQwt10mS9286SQBCeltlbhWPejl0zATf-Tswfp2Uml9NJHaraMZSZR0Hxw19=w1552-h1185-no

08-17-2016, 08:49 AM
Pretty cool. Like the Park blue bar clamp.

Mark McM
08-17-2016, 09:18 AM
Isn't it great when basic principals of physics work?