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Ciao tutti,

Have a wedding to go to at the end of the month and naturally decided to make a vacation of it with my wife. Yeah, August is probably not the best time to go to nice places in Italy, but my Italian buddy wouldn't change his wedding date for me so i could enjoy fewer crowds. So anyway, wedding is near Udine, and have a general itinerary to visit Cortina (and hike a section of the Via Alta 1), Lake Garda, and the general Friuli Giulia area. Any tips for fantastic restaurants, or is just about any place going to be good? Any chance for maybe renting bikes around Cortina or Garda? Could be anything from cruisers, mtn bikes, to high-end road, be great to explore on two wheels. Tips on hiking and rock climbing also appreciated!

Will be flying into Venice, and I took Cadence90's offer for some restaurant suggestions, as some (many?) Venetian restaurants are there just to shovel the worst "italian" food ever to tourists. He provided a list that would probably take a month to complete (grazie mille!). List can be reposted, with Cadence90's approval, upon request.

Thanks and grazie, ciao ciao 4 now...

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my other choice was "Ciao, b*tches!" ;)