View Full Version : Watching the Tour - PlayStation Vue? (Roku/ iOS)

06-30-2016, 10:25 AM
I did a Google Search for "stream tour de france on roku" and found this:

PlayStation Vue is a service that allows you to watch more than 50 hit TV channels for a low cost of $30 a month. There’s no contract to sign, and you can use it from many different devices. Right now, Vue is compatible with PlayStation devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS devices, and Chromecast. However, please note that mobile viewing is restricted.

Is anyone using this service? Think it's worthwhile? Does it let you time/shift or do you have to live stream. I would love to watch on Roku during weekends (Catching up etc) and have the option to stream so I can listen sometimes during the workweek.

Thanks in advance for thoughts/opinions on this!