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01-03-2016, 04:04 PM
After a holiday hiatus I'm back with round 3 of the great closet clear out!

In this batch we feature jackets and vests both light and heavy as well as a very rare piece of 7-Eleven wither clothing. I can guarantee you'll be the only one on your block with a vintage Descente one piece thermal cycling suit in 7-Eleven/Hoonved colors!

For reference, I'm 6' and currently weight 175#. So most of these pieces are medium/large with the occasional XL thrown in for good measure. I've priced them to move and am happy to combine orders to save on mailing costs. I can mail one or two pieces for $5, add $2 for each additional piece.

#1. Showers Pass Jacket. I'm not an expert on these jackets but I think it's an elite or elite pro? I've had it for a couple winters but only rode it once or twice. It's in great shape with no tears, rips, or wear. It does have a couple oil stains on the sleeves. $old!

#2. Craft lightweight vest. This is a very nice cool morning vest that adds that extra layer of wind protection needed till the chill burns off. White so you can be seen, light so it packs easily in the back pocket. $20

#3. Descente lightweight vest. Similar to the Craft but red. Actually it's less red and more of a bright salmon or pink. Also packs tight and does just what it need to, keep you warm on a chilly morning. $20

#4. Very basic Cannondale branded lightweight jacket. Nothing special just a bright colored jacket for cool mornings or drizzly days. It has stains on the back of the right shoulder. $10

#5. Descente thermal one-piece cycling suit from 7-Eleven cycling team. To say this is unique would be an understatement. It actually reminds me more of a speed skating suit than something to ride in. That being said, it does have pockets in the back and a cool green hood. I've had this piece since the early 90's and worn it a few times as a base layer for xc skiing on really cold days. It's seen better days, has some wear on the printing on the legs, and fits kinda droopy on my 6', 175# frame. It would make an amazing addition to someones 7-Eleven collection. $50

01-03-2016, 04:34 PM
Showers Pass jacket sold!

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