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11-12-2015, 11:35 AM
$110 shipped

Size 143

Expert version

Perfect, Like new condition. Installed and ridden for roughly two weeks (which equates to two rides these days), just wasn't for me.


The ultra-light Power Expert saddle features a stiff carbon re-reinforced shell with durable titanium rails to keep the weight down. Its Body Geometry design caters to both men and women and helps deliver superior performance while in a more aggressive position. Proven through blood-flow testing and pressure mapping, and featuring a medium density foam padding for additional cushioning, the extra wide and elongated Body Geometry channel and proper sit bone support provide all day comfort.

姫atented Body Geometry design is lab tested for both men and women to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries.
�™�tiff, carbon-reinforced shell for longevity and all-day riding efficiency.
�•�ightweight and supportive PU padding for comfort and support on longer rides.
�•�ightweight and durable, hollow titanium rails.
謬ough, lightweight, water resistant cover.
�•�evel 2 padding: Medium density foam for bike feel with additional cushioning.
�™�WAT compatible mounts molded into the saddle base allow for sleek and integrated storage solutions.
�™�ize 143mm / Weight 233g

11-19-2015, 01:56 PM