View Full Version : Random Cheaps (saddles, shifters, brakes)

08-05-2015, 04:54 PM
Alright, I know I'm supposed to list a price for everything so I will, but admittedly I'm not sure what to ask for some of this stuff so make an offer if you want any of it and the price is out of line. for each item, I'll post my estimated shipping cost along with what I'm asking in addition to shipping.

1.) Campagnolo veloce 10 speed shifters. These are older ones and I think they can be rebuilt, which is good because they definitely need to be rebuilt. According to my girlfriend they 'worked' but I found the shifting to be quite vague and questionable. Off the bike, without a cable pulling on the innards, they are obviously not working how they should.

SOLD pending mayment

2.) Left (front) dura ace 7700 shifter. Seems to be in good shape. *I have the right shifter as well, for parts only, it's doing this thing where the small paddle won't shift down unless the main lever is being pushed forward (which you can't really do with one hand). I don't know if it can be fixed.

Shipping: $7-10 for one, $10-15 for both
Price: $40 (one or both)

3.) Veloce dual pivot brakes. Don't think anything is wrong with them, they're just well used and don't have much left in the pads.

SOLD pending payment


4.) Concor supercorsa. Could be cleaned up?

Shipping: $6-9
Price: $20


5.) Flite. Clearly used but lots of life left.

Shipping: $5-8
Price: $25