View Full Version : quill stem in 1.125 threadless alloy steer tube solution esoterica from Riv

12-24-2014, 08:06 AM

Just in case you are a fan of the unusual of working on bikes, I thought it was a trip that the parts even existed to do this. I had never seen or heard of the the shim that goes inside the steerer and the the threaded adjustable spacer thing from Problem Solvers. Frankenbike for sure.

12-24-2014, 09:42 AM
...but even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is kinda ugly IMHO:


12-24-2014, 10:26 AM
yaaaaarrrrghhhh - my eyes are bleeding!!!

Lewis Moon
12-24-2014, 10:42 AM
Must. Drink. Heavily. To. Forget.

Frankenbike? Looks more like Jeff Goldbloom from the last scenes of "The Fly".
https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQDRhkLW2cKI2ieSYA1Frv56ld2RJKSx dnzSH-B_rZjL2XqttHg

Edit to add: Why, in Dog's name, would anyone even contemplate that? If you like classic stems, buy a vintage frame.