View Full Version : Kittel -> broken bars

03-14-2014, 08:15 AM
back to the non-contentious side of the kittel-bike-throwing incident. looks like the precipitating event was his bars breaking!

granted i'm putting out a tiny fraction of kittel's power, it's still validation for me to stick with alloy bars/stems!!!!

"(kittel)...was left dumped on the ground with two kilometres to go after his handlebars broke apparently after hitting a hole in the road."

regarding the aforementioned throwing, kittel has a very non-cav attitude toward the aftermath. from twitter:
Marcel Kittel ‏@marcelkittel - Tried to keep our relationship going after our fight yesterday. Apologized to my sweetheart this morning! #giantLove pic.twitter.com/KiQxIESOjN
Marcel Kittel ‏@marcelkittel - No joke. Going to dinner and first song I hear is 'Heat of the Moment' from Asia.... #perfecttiming http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlTvWvfEMxE
Marcel Kittel ‏@marcelkittel - I'm VERY sorry for throwing my beloved Giant Propel on the ground. I still love it! We're just having an intense relationship. #deepemotions