View Full Version : WTB Ritchey Breakway Cross 60cm (possible trade for my Fuso 63cm)

Lanterne Rouge
01-07-2014, 08:48 AM
Ok so due to various changes in circumstances I looking to procure a Ritchey Breakaway Cross anything from frame to complete build (depending on the price, condition, location and all the usual considerations). I need the 60cm size.

Or possibly a Dahon Tournado in the largest size available - which depending on which website you read is 58cm, 60cm or simply "L"

*Due to a strict one in/one out policy I'm offering up as the possible trade option my 63cm (c to t) Fuso built by Dave Moulton. Considering the age of the bike it is in great condition but does have a few nicks in the paint but generally the lustre is great. There is a dent in the tt but has no impact in the integrity or performance of the frame. I'll offer it up anything from frame and fork to the current build (which is a sensible mix of 105, Rival, DA, Nitto and the like).

Thanks for viewing.

*Ignore, unless of course you are interested in a trade?

Lanterne Rouge
01-08-2014, 04:36 PM
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