View Full Version : PSA: Serotta C8 Cross Bike 54CM, Boston CL

10-03-2013, 12:25 PM


The usual caveats apply, don't know seller, etc.

54 Steel cross bike handcrafted in Saratoga NY.
The model is marked as a "C8" in size 54S.
Independent Fabrications (IF) front fork
1" tubing
There are a few scuffs which have affected the paint, mostly in the chains stays.
This bike has seen a few dry races. I have never had it out in the rain.
Chris King headset
Easton 42 bars. Some of the branding paint is worn off from bike computer mounts.
BRAND new American Classic victory wheelset with new rubber.
Rival Silver Shifters
Rival crankset
Ultegra f.derailer
Rival r.derailer
Shimano brakes
I'll swap in some kind of seatpost.
No seat, no pedals.
Cash only. DO NOT ASK IF IT"S STILL AVAILABLE. If the ad is up>YES.
Cross season is here, let's get on it. I have too many cross bikes - is there such a thing?

Keith A
10-03-2013, 02:30 PM
I think that one has been on eBay for a while.

Edit: Yep, it's the same one...

10-03-2013, 02:49 PM
Good call. Hadn't seen it on the Boston CL before, and I troll it pretty frequently. Seemed like a decent deal to me, but I could be wrong. I'm no Serotta connoisseur. Based on the ebay ad, you know the guy must be willing to ship.