View Full Version : Look Keo orig vs Blade

07-07-2013, 06:06 PM
Looking at upgrading - question, my cleats were professionally fitted on the orig, will I need to get them adjusted for the blade?

Also, any down sides to going with the new blade (save money and not get the Ti version?).


07-07-2013, 06:22 PM
I go back and forth between the two on different bikes. Blades feel like a larger platform. I don't know if they have a more shallow cleat to spindle distance, but they feel that way. No complaints.

07-08-2013, 03:41 PM
Wanted to bring this up again - not many reads/responses and was wondering if this just slipped, not anyone has experience with this or not an appropriate question.


07-08-2013, 03:55 PM
Ive read stuff about the carbon blades popping out of the pedals but I have yet to experience any issues whatsoever with mine. the engagement feel great, release is predictable and smooth, and the platform does feel larger (only slightly but its noticeable while riding) which I like.

I ride the blades along with various other keos (max, carbon, classic) on ALL of my road/track bikes and do not adjust cleats/shoes between them. All feel good to me but my body also seems to be fairly flexible when it comes to fit, so I might not be the best benchmark.

That said, they are the best feeling/riding look pedals I have tried and would recommend em.

As far at the steel vs ti spindle debate is concerned, if you care that much about weight and you have the money, go for Ti. If not, the steel version will serve you just fine.

rice rocket
07-08-2013, 09:16 PM
I've seen the blades snap first hand (twice in less than a season, luckily both replaced for free). I wouldn't run them unless I had someone on call to pick me up.

07-08-2013, 09:28 PM
Been racing on the blades since they came out and zero issues. Also came off regular keo's to these with no cleat adjustment

07-08-2013, 10:29 PM
I have both on different bikes.... I prefer the crisper in/out of the blades.... Either way my favorite pedals.... Never any problems.... No cleat position change necessary.... I don't personally believe the Ti is worth the upcharge.... Heavier riders should definately go for steel....

07-09-2013, 05:19 AM
Been racing on the blades since they came out and zero issues. Also came off regular keo's to these with no cleat adjustment

About to make the change to blades on my plastic bike and have ridden Looks since 1985. My biggest concern with cleats is that its easy to get them exact as the toe in on one leg is different and critical. Glad to know no change from the old ones.

07-09-2013, 12:43 PM
I have the older Keos on my road bike and the Blades on my TT bike. My cleats (and everything else) were professionally fit on both bikes at the same time by the same fitter. No change in cleat position necessary. The stack height is different, so if you saddle is at exactly the right height, you will need to lower it by 1-2mm (I can't remember the different in stack).

I had some knee trouble with the Blades that I don't have with the Keos. I think it's because the wider platform doesn't allow as much lateral roll as the Keos and just that little bit of roll seemed to help my knee. But for some reason, it doesn't bother me in the TT position. Having done a lot of PT, I'm actually just about the try the Blades on the road bike again.