View Full Version : Mavic ergoride helmet

06-10-2013, 11:29 AM
Size is MEDIUM. Purchased late last season and worn about a dozen times only as it is a spare that I keep at work in case I forget my primary. Mavic says up to 6cm of adjustment with the retention dial system this helmet has.

Pretty comfortable helmet for the money. Straps are very soft--something I'm big on when selecting a helmet as some tend to 'saw' away at your ears if not. Padding system is thick enough that I don't feel hot spots when wearing this helmet. They are also removable and I suspect replacable since they attach with velcro as most do.

retail is $100 on this, I'm asking for $35 including shipping in CONUS. If that is way off base from recent ebay sales or whatever, let me know. Just trying to move it along to someone who can use it.