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12-11-2003, 11:36 AM
The board is finally up.....talk about withdrawal symptoms....

12-11-2003, 11:39 AM
Thanks Serotta!

It is much appreciated. Will the old pictures be linked at all? What about being able to add pictures? That was one (of the many) real nice things with the forums, was being able to see all the different beautiful Serottas. It gave me lots of ideas for new painting, head tube extensions (or lack of), sloping top tubes, wheels, etc.....

Thanks again

Keith A
12-11-2003, 12:27 PM
Yahoo! I'm glad to see this happen so quickly -- thanks Serotta.

Regarding the photos, I know that you can still access them via http://www.hydromedia.com/gallery/index.php and it would be nice to have a link on the forum for easy access.


12-11-2003, 12:37 PM
Thanks for letting us play.

So...I bet BBDave, Dbrk and Sandy will all reach senior member status first.


(Its been very boring sitting around with a bum knee without a place to go and read about bikes)

12-11-2003, 12:38 PM
Yeah Squared. Ben, you are a class act! Dave N.

12-11-2003, 12:38 PM
Sir, yes, Sir!

Reporting for duty, Sir!


Calfee Kevan is trying to get a hold of you . . .

Keith A
12-11-2003, 12:40 PM
Thanks flydhest -- he found me.

12-11-2003, 12:41 PM
Thanks for the link Keith. Glad to know that they are still up, somewhere.


12-11-2003, 12:48 PM
look at all the views already...

Lots of people evidently had withdrawl...

12-11-2003, 12:50 PM
A welcome return!

Thank you, Serotta, for keeping the faith that this forum can succeed.

Any chance of making the former forum postings available for read-only access? There were some valuable postings there that I would hope to read again (especially the one from Bill Bove offering to lend me a bike while I'm vacationing in Florida!) I know that may potentially raise some issues that we'd rather not deal with.

I'm very happy this is back. There's no other resource like this on the web.

Thanks again,

12-11-2003, 12:54 PM
While you all think the return of the board is a good thing, I have personally witnessed the wanton destruction it can cause. I haven't got much done in the past 15 minutes here at my desk.


Spectrum Bob
12-11-2003, 12:56 PM
There is no place like home!!!!
Spectrum Bob

12-11-2003, 01:10 PM
Originally posted by flydhest
While you all think the return of the board is a good thing, I have personally witnessed the wanton destruction it can cause. I haven't got much done in the past 15 minutes here at my desk.


What do you mean? You've posted six times already!

12-11-2003, 01:14 PM
Nice to see you all again and thanks to Serotta for taking the effort to make this forum available!

12-11-2003, 01:19 PM
Glad to see that we are in business again. "What we had here was a failure to communicate." :D

12-11-2003, 01:44 PM
Nice to be back amidst the comrades and cadets.

12-11-2003, 01:54 PM
Although Serotta indicated their intrerest in establishing their own photo gallery, the existing gallery and data will remain on hydromedia as I'm in the process of integrating this into the new and vastly improved forums that will be launched there soon. Serotta is always welcome to link to our gallery in the meantime.

Also the 60,000-plus message archive from the old forum has been given to Serotta. They have unconditional license to this data since I have always considered it "theirs".

I just want to say it was my pleasure serving as the administrator of the Serotta forum over the past 2 years. Now I'm one of you. :)


12-11-2003, 02:11 PM
Thank you for all of your efforts for those last two years, Gary. Dave N.

12-11-2003, 02:26 PM
I am very happy to see the Serotta Forum back! Thanks to Mr. Ben Serotta and all involved for their efforts. Special thanks to Kahuna for the stellar work, effort, and results that he gave all of us.

12-11-2003, 02:29 PM
Welcome back everyone. Lets talk about stuff....

I don't know what though. But the important thing is that we could if we wanted too.

H.Frank Beshear
12-11-2003, 02:44 PM
I've been checking in 4-5 times a day hoping it was up. Thanks Ben! Glad to see a lot of familiar names checking in. It was getting really boring:). H.Frank

12-11-2003, 02:57 PM
Thank you Serotta and Ben.

And 'Thank you' for my beautiful '03 Colorado III.


12-11-2003, 02:58 PM
Finally an answer to the question: Are we there yet?

Thanks Serotta and crew for giving us a place to be when we can't be in the saddle.

Thanks Kahuna for all the work you did to make this dysfuctional family so strong. Long may you ride.
And of all the people that should fill in the location blank! :cool:

Have fun gang,

Ahneida Ride
12-11-2003, 03:27 PM
Thanks Serotta ....

Withdraw is tough admonishment !!!!!

Jay Torborg
12-11-2003, 03:58 PM
Glad to see the site back online.
- Jay

12-11-2003, 04:10 PM
I promise to try to be a good citizen.

Dr. Doofus
12-11-2003, 05:01 PM
Back in action!

Just working this one name now that I remember my password.

The CSi fit problem is solved, my custom Corsa 0.1 is getting built up, the board is back...life is good.


12-11-2003, 06:41 PM
Talk about jones'in'...dang!

I received a lovely '04 catalogue from none other than Serotta Competition Bicycles today. It's darn nice, I gotta say. And I think I'm not exactly allowed to say it's not. Okay, only kidding. It really is a fine thing and it's caused Legend Jones in me, which is NOT a good thing. I got too many other things going on to be looking and scheming a Legend---say a compact 61 with a 57cm toptube...You see? It's like I can't stop...

Today was my last day of classes at University for the next nearly 10 months. Yup, I'm on leave to write a few books, read a few, and think my way back into form. I'll not be procrastinating hours lingering here, mind you. Sure, right, not a chance...And I'm not jones'in' a Legend either, and NEITHER do I think you'all should ride a bigger frame...See? Some things never change.

I am delighted to see pals reunited (especially sans trolls). Say, what's with the cute little icon-y things? Guess which one Smilely is required to use.

more soon about something marginally more worthwhile, yer own,


12-11-2003, 07:05 PM
...and a big Crocodile Hunter style "G'day mates!" from Australia.

Great to be back on-line- strange to say that I really missed checking in with all you guys and gals over the last week or so.

Weather in SA is great for riding at the moment, and I am noticing steady improvement pretty well every week- I remeber reading somewhere Eddy Merckx's training "secret" - Ride a lot, then ride some more. He was probably right!

12-11-2003, 09:06 PM
So, Kahuna,

If I were to head to the Islands next fall/winter. Which month would be the best one for biking/hiking?

Thanks for all your work on the previous forum. I'm sure it was quite a headache.


The Doctor
12-11-2003, 09:41 PM
Guess I'll join the crowd. Thank you, Ben and everyone else at Serotta for organizing this new forum. Just pity that work might be suffering again. Good to see all you guys back online (including Flydhest).

:) The Doctor

Tom Byrnes
12-12-2003, 12:35 AM
Thank you, Ben. Glad to see the Forum back up and all of the Serotta Pals returning to our cyber meeting place.

Gary, thank you for all of your work and effort in administering the Forum for the past two years.

Needs Help
12-12-2003, 03:22 AM
Sheesh, what happened? I was traveling for a couple of months and I get back and no Serotta forum? Inquiring minds want to know...

12-12-2003, 05:57 AM
I'm glad to see you back on the "air". Not only that, the forum really has a nice feel.

12-12-2003, 07:35 AM
You know, an edited, cleaned up, searchable and archived version of the old board would be a valuable resource for everyone. (that sounds like a lot of work, though)

But what would we have left to talk about? the weather?
Will we be just a bunch of old farts trading stories and lurking around until some innocent, new poster asks which frame to buy or Campy vs Shimano or which seat or tubular vs clincher? etc.

For me, part of the fun of the old board was it's wide open format in which all kinds of people participated.

I hope we don't get too insulated from new voices, beginners and all the other oddballs who made the old board so much fun (for me anyway)

I can certainly do without the vulgarity and trolls and flames, though.

So I really hope new members will join and post and offer their thoughts and questions. I'd hate to see this thing become a private club or intimidating to anyone.

Victory Factory , here's to new blood, new inspiration, new voices

12-12-2003, 07:44 AM
The post above is a pre coffee over reaction. and a blatant attempt to start on the road to becoming a senior member as soon as possible (imagine the prestige!)

Please ignore my whining, I'm sure lots of folks will be clicking through from the Serotta site to this board and posting.

This is sort of like moving into a new house. I'ts still empty and strange, different smell


12-12-2003, 07:50 AM
Good to see the board up again.
Gary, thank you for the time and effort (and pain?) you
put in for the old phorum.
now all we need is BigMac and SeanyPaycheck.

MartyE previously Marty previously mmeison.

Len J
12-12-2003, 09:14 AM
Thank you Ben for trusting the goodness in most of us.

I can't believe how many times I checked to see if this forum was back.

I was wondering how I could connect with the good people of this forum.


12-12-2003, 02:57 PM
Thanks for your hard work Kahuna