View Full Version : Serotta Legend Ti - S&S Couplers

11-29-2005, 09:38 AM
Hello, everyone. Here's a fine holiday gift for someone you know. It's a Serotta Legend Ti, 52 cm, with titanium S&S couplers (not stainless ones) and specially worked C4S swaged Serotta ti tubing. This frame got some very special work to ensure that an actual Legend tubing set could be used with the titanium S&S couplers. The welding job got special comments before it left Serotta, and everyone who's seen it has admired the quality of the job -- it's really spectacular. It also got a brand new F3 fork to boot, plus a new Chris King headset. Only a couple brief rides after setting it up; otherwise it's brand new and absolutely looks it. It's gorgeous. I'd ordered it after a torn Achilles tendon, when I thought I wouldn't regain my original flexibility, but I've done so and am now able to ride a smaller frame again so this one deserves a home where it'll get ridden. All the specs and many photos are in the eBay listing, but I'm happy to answer any questions and am perfectly open to selling the frame privately through this forum.


11-29-2005, 04:25 PM
Not my size and outta my price range. But that bike is sweet. I still want one like that with the level top tube.