View Full Version : SOLD: Ti Litespeed Vortex (2003ish) 55, full Dura Ace 10

02-04-2013, 11:48 AM

I'm helping a buddy sell a road bike that he essentially never rides (its been on a trainer for 3 years) so he can pick up a cross frame. I'm going to take a stab at pricing, though I know that the market for used ti is just awful. He got it from akelman, so you know it had a good pedigree. These pics are not new, but it is unchanged, if you want to see new pics on a trainer in John's basement (or in the NYC snow) drop a line and I'll get those taken. These pics came from ari and are used with permission. It's not quite a museum piece, it has been riden, but all the parts are in VG shape. It comes with everything you see here, DA 10, whatever Shimano wheels these were, ITM stem and bar, I think it used a Cane Creek integrated HS, right? The decals could probably do with a replacing depending on how anal you are, as there are some small scratches. Those pedals are off the bike, but if they are important I'll have him dig to see if he can find them.

It almost moved back to its original owner who sold it to Ari who lived in coastal NJ just before Superstorm Sandy hit. That deal fell through and I didn't keep my PMs on the negotiation. If "you" still want the bike but lost John's contact, email or PM me and it is yours for what you and John negotiated.

Otherwise, I'm asking $1,400 [SOLD]plus shipping and PP fees. It is currently in NYC and pickup would be awesome. If that feels high, please make an offer. He really just wants this moved out. Remember how badly you wanted this sick race machine when they came out, well it is not too late.




02-04-2013, 01:08 PM
pm sent