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12-18-2012, 11:38 AM
Some things I've saved for special projects that never happened. Make them part of your project.

All prices include shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees.

1. NOS Dia Compe Aero Gran Compe Brake levers. Hoods have some mild discoloration, but rubber is soft and flexible. - $75 (Now $60)

2. NOS Dura-Ace BL-7402 SLR Brake Levers. Soft flexible hoods. The best levers ever made IMO. - $95 (Now $80)

3. Campagnolo Racing T front derailleur. Used for a very short time. Looks very nice. 35mm clamp, but these can be swapped out easily. - $35 (Now $25)

4. Dura-Ace SL-7401 DT shift levers. Like all things D-A, these are nicely made. $60 (Now $50)

5. NOS Nitto "I-Beam" style quill stem. Quill is 22.2mm diameter and it is for 26.0mm bars. Quill is 155mm to step near top; 200mm to top of hex nut. length is between 7 and 8 cm, depending how measured. - $85 (Now $70)

6. Cinelli Grammo quill stem. 110mm length; For 26.4 bars, but has custom shim to use with 26.0; all logos intact (red tape covering "Grammo" plug). Some very light mark just above the min insertion line. - $95 (Now $ 75) SOLD !!!

Pictures are here:


If I missed something, or you have any questions, just ask.

03-15-2013, 06:57 AM
Long over-due bump.
Price drop on all items.