View Full Version : FS: FSA Gossamer BB30/PF30 Compact Crank - 175mm

12-16-2012, 05:09 PM
This is an FSA Gossamer compact crank with a PF30 BB. Arms are 175mm, bcd is 110mm. This crank came stock on my new cross bike, but I ride 180s so this was removed unridden. The drive side arm still has the protective plastic on it. (Not sure why the non-drive arm doesn't; maybe my mechanic removed it when he removed the crank.) The bike came set up as a 1x10 and the stock chainring bolts were not long enough for a double so you're getting (used) SRAM chainring bolts - the nice kind that use two hex wrenches instead of one of those godforsaken chainring bolt wrench things.

No chainrings are included but I do have a brand new set of silver Shimano Tiagra rings in 50/34 that I am willing to let go. (Not pictured but I can take one if necessary.)

How about $50 shipped for the crank+BB, $80 shipped for the crank+BB+chainrings?