View Full Version : New Santa Cruz Blur TRc large w/ extras - $1950 + shipping

10-04-2012, 08:46 PM
Brand new large 2012 Santa Cruz Blur TRc frame with Cytote bash guard, grease gun and down tube protector. Built up with a 130 fork it is a true trail killer. Built with a longer fork it handles like a mini-DH bike thanks to the long and low geometry. Aaron Bradford podiumed many pro level Enduro and Super D events this year on a Blur TRc as it is a wildly capable bike. You'll easily out climb and descend your friends on their old geometry Blur LT and LTCs. Far more fun and manuverable than a Tall Boy or Tallboy LT. Plus it leaves room for you to own a Nomad with a 180 fork for trips to the DH park