View Full Version : FS: Campy Centaur UT Cranks 175mm 53/39 - silvery goodness

08-13-2012, 06:01 PM
Absolutely new, still with protective decals covering the logo.

For sale, Campy Centaur 175mm Ultra Torque (not power torque!) Crankset with 53/39 polished silver rings. $75 +$8 shipping if you're in the continental US. Paypal gladly accepted.

What makes these special, rare and unique is that:
1) They are Ultra Torque, like Record & Chorus, unlike Centaur and Athena of today.
2) They have polished, shiny chain rings, unlike Centaur (and Athena?) of today.

Maybe one of the prettiest cranksets around?