View Full Version : OT: Any GX470 owners out there?

02-24-2012, 01:00 PM
So we are a family of six now (twins plus 2). Got my wife a pre-loved Honda Odyssey so she can haul our litter around. We love the Ody. It is super comfy, has ample room for 4 car seats, DVD etc. I just am not a huge fan of driving around a minivan but we really had no other option. I did rack it out though so I can throw our bikes on the roof. I have been mulling over getting a second vehicle that will hold all of us so that we have another option for hauling everyone around. My 4Runner does not have a 3rd row. I really like my Runner though. I am considering a used GX470. It does have the 3rd row but I am not sure how useful it is. I would think it would be suitable for kids but not for adults. I also worry that when the 3rd row is folded down there will be no cargo space. So can any GX470 owners chime in? Have y'all had many problems with them? Reliable? Would you buy another one? Granted I am not looking at the GX460, only the 470's...in Blizzard Pearl White (yummy). Cheers!

02-24-2012, 01:28 PM
Don't expect more than 16 mpg and the third row does not fold down they have a split in the middel and each half folds to the side not the worst idea ever but different enough to annoy some people. I did not have one very long but they seem to be very reliable and much better looking than the 4 runners. By the way the new 4 runners do have an fold down 3rd row rear seat but they are just so ugly.

I think if I had my choice the Highlander or new pathfinder would get my vote. They are not as off road capable as the GX470 but for daily driving and room for 7 they seem nice.

02-24-2012, 04:58 PM
Two Landcruiser Family--97 with 170,000 and a 99 with 110,000. The Lexus model is very similar to LC, just more with some extras. They are great vehicles with a large, devoted group of drivers. Once you get one you won't want to ever get rid of it.

I was able to get three kids in it with no problems between the second and third row. Now that the kids are grown and out of the house I still have the trucks! Great stuff mover--I can move 4 bikes easy in this vehicle.

I would recommend you checking out the LC website www.ih8mud.com which is all LC and Lexus model info. Hard core for the LC crowd, but no different than this website for cyclists.