View Full Version : FS Rapha Stowaway Jacket XL ***SOLD***

11-28-2011, 07:32 PM
I just purchased a red Rapha Jacket this morning on the forums as I need to be more visible in a crazy city such as Montreal.

Therefore I must let my beloved Stowaway Jacket go. I cannot afford to keep both. Size XL. Black. The jacket is 99.27% new. I took 10 minutes to inspect it inch by inch and I only noticed two tiny tiny black spots on the reflective strips.

It's a great jacket that cuts the wind very well, fits great and looks like the quality jacket that it is. Disclaimer : it is not waterproof though. It will allow you to stay dry for 30-45 minutes in moderate rain but if it's pouring like crazy you'll get wet :)

Asking $--- shipped and Paypal'd from Canada (might take up to two weeks but I provide tracking and insurance). *** SOLD Thank you! ***